Orientation City tour

Tour Around the city including visiting the Obelisk marking the border of Europe and Asia.

At the Historical square you can see the oldest architectural monument in Ekaterinburg today – the Dam, which was built with the city in 1723.

At the Labor Square it is the St.Ekatherina’s Chapel, built on the place of the first church of the city and the monument to the city founders Vasily Tatischev and Georg Wilhelm de Hennin.

On the shore of the city pond one of the most beautiful old houses in the city is placed, which has been known since before the Revolution as Sevostyanov’s house. Today it is a part of the residence of the governor of Sverdlovsk region.

At the 1905 year’s square, the main square of Ekaterinburg, you can admire the city administration building, constructed in the Stalin neo-classical style.

During the tour you can admire Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Since the Soviet period it is considered one of the best theatres in the country.

If you want to observe the city and the Ural mountains from the high, You can visit the viewpoint of the skyscraper Vysotsky (54 floors, 188 meters).

Aftrenoon visit of State Geological Museum of Urals

It is one of the biggest geological museums of the country. Its collection shows a great variety of minerals found in the Ural Mountains, one of the oldest mountains on our Planet!

The 2nd largest and most significant among Russia`s museums specializing in Ural mining and mineralogy is at your disposal. Just note that first expeditions to the Ural region reported it to be a "Paradise of Natural Resources", as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, various minerals, precious and semi-precious stones, coal, gas along with forests and rivers were found there in astonishing quantities. Souvenir shop is available here.

Enjoy the city view from the observation spot located on the top floor of the skyscraper (188 meters)!

Visit the historical parts of the Urals-Nevyansk and Nizhny Tagil

Berezovsky - the birthplace of Russian gold

Berezovsky is the birthplace of industrial gold mining in the Urals and Russia – in 1745 the country's first ore gold was found here, in 1748 the Beryozovsky mine was founded, and in 1814 alluvial gold was mined. Gold mining is ongoing in the city at present - there are two mines.