Highlights of St. Petersburg + Peter and Paul fortress

The Peter and Paul Fortress is one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg, as well as its historical and cultural center. Thousands of tourists visit it daily to familiarize themselves with the architectural features of Russia in the 18th – 19th centuries.

Hermitage museum

The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg along with the Louvre in Paris, the National Gallery in London and the Prado in Madrid ranks as one of the world’s largest and greatest collections of art. Today, the collection numbers over 3 million items, among them the works of art of prehistoric culture, Egyptian art, Antiquities, Scythian gold, great collections of Western European paintings and sculptures (from Picasso to Rembrandt).

Russian Art Museum

The Russian Art Museum is situated in the Michael’s Palace, which was built by the architect K. Rossi at the beginning of the XIX century for Alexander I´s brother Michael. It became a museum of Russian art at the end of XIX century. Museum contains one of the best collections in the world of Russian Icons, as well as paintings by Brullov, Ayvazovsky, Repine, Kuingy and many other great masters. The museum has a vast collection of sculptures, applied art and numismatics. During the tour the guests will see the highlights and masterpieces of the museum collection! The Russian Art museum is a complex of the museums, which also includes a number of branches: Michailovsky castle where the emperor Paul I was murdered, the Marble and Stroganov palaces, the summer palace of Peter I and the Benua´s wing.

Retro train

Tour to Pushkin from Saint Petersburg by retro train with steam engine locomotive of the last century.

Catherine Palace and Amber room, Pushkin

The Catherine Palace is a historical and compositional center of the palace-and-park ensemble. It is a remarkable construction in the Russian Baroque style, with richly decorated interiors including the world-famous Amber Room, which was restored.

Faberge museum

The Catherine Palace is a historical and compositional center of the palace-and-park ensemble. It is a remarkable construction in the Russian Baroque style, with richly decorated interiors including the world-famous Amber Room, which was restored.

Tour to Peterhof

The Gгаnd Palace lies at the very heart of Peterhof — the former summer residence of the Russian monarchs. Facing the Gulf of Finland, the palace - rises above the Grand Cascade and the Lower Park, stretching along the upper terrace for almost three hundred yards.

Tour to Pavlovsk Park with horse carriage ride

It’s possible to enjoy a stunning horse carriage ride through the Pavlovsk Park, the biggest landscape park in Europe. The horse carriage ride starts and ends near the Palace and the landscape and its tranquility truly creates a small oasis to escape to. On the way the guests can enjoy the numerous statues, galleries, pavilions, which decorate the grounds since the time of the Russian Czars. The trip lasts for about 20 min.

St. Isaaс’s Cathedral

One of the finest architectural monuments of the XIX century, the former principal cathedral of the Russian capital has a capacity to accommodate 10,000 people. The cathedral is graced with 112 solid granite columns weighing up to 114 tons each and about 400 relief and bronze sculptures.

It is the 4-th highest dumb construction in the world. Cathedral is decorated with different types of marble and various semiprecious stones, like malachite and lapis. The observation platform on the colonnade provides a magnificent view of the city.

Motor bike city tour

We are happy to present the unique and prestigious motorbike tours in Saint Petersburg and its suburbs and suggest to get an incredible impression of Saint Petersburg in the framework of unexpected excursions. This is an opportunity to explore the city on a comfortable grand-tourist class motorbike!

This Project was started as "White Nights” and later became the ALL Season Project. The idea is to acquaint with one of the most beautiful cities from the passenger seat of the most comfortable motorbike. This tour combines the ride around the city with photo stops at the most beautiful parts of the city, Venice of the North.

The moto park consists of 9 two-wheeled motorcycles, 2 snow-white trikes, and 2 baby-carriage motorbikes for children (Honda Gold Wing).

The motorbikes have the system of seat heating and they can be comfortable for use in cold season.

Novgorod - full day tour, including the main sights

Novgorod - the ancient Russian city - can be visited during the full day trip from St Petersburg.

Novgorod Kremlin (Detinets) is one of the oldest monuments of fortification architecture of Russia of the XV-XVII centuries. The total area of the fortress inside the walls is 12, 1 ha. A deep ditch surrounds it from the north, west and south. The Novgorod Kremlin in antiquity is the religious, political and cultural center of the Novgorod land.

Vitoslavlitsy" museum

The Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy" is an open-air architectural and ethnographic museum 4 kilometers from Veliky Novgorod.

Yuriev monastery

The male monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church in honor of the Great Martyr George. Located on the southern outskirts of Veliky Novgorod on the banks of the Volkhov River.


We offer you to spend the full day at the resort “IGORA” which is located 54 km from St. Petersburg, on the highest point of the region. It was designed as a high-class resort, which combines different elements of the infrastructure for leisure and entertainment.

Ski Resort received an international certification for competitions in the parallel slalom. In a short time the complex quickly gained popularity among the lovers of skiing and snowboarding; that is proved by the high attendance at the resort during the winter season - more than 7000 people a day on weekends.

The second part of the resort is an area which includes a skating rink, a SPA-center with a swimming pool, thermal baths and gym, as well as a gourmet restaurant Le Chalet. Among the additional entertainment cross-country skiing is presented. All participants should divide into teams to take part in St. Petersburg Olympic Games. Each team will participate in one of the sports activities by turn. At the end of the day, the results will be summed up and the winner team will get the prize.

Olympics activities:

1. Swimming. The spacious 25 x 10 m swimming pool is a perfect place to compete in speed and tenacity and demonstrate your best skills

2. Sauna. Thermal complex includes Finnish and Turkish saunas, and two baths. Spending time here will let you relax between of sport activities.

3. Curling is a team sports game on the icy ground. Two teams in turn allowed the ice of special heavy granite "stones" towards the target marked up on the ice. A good chance to find out who is the most accurate! The fundamental factors, considered for winning, are tactics and technique, so curling is referred to the intellectual games.

4. Riding inflatable sleds (“vatrushkas”) Riding these sleds is safe and much fun! Bouncing on the trampolines, falling into the snow and feeling the speed and excitement – you will never forget this amazing winter experience!

5. Ice skating. Ice Arena at the Ice Palace in the resort meets all standards, both in terms of comfort and safety level. A great chance to see who the most skillful ice skater is as well as to develop new talents!

6. Bowling Modern equipment and 8 up-to-date tracks won’t let you feel bored during this part of the competition!